The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. We like to watch a movie sitting comfortably on our couch, devouring the last literary outings by the fireplace or having a good time with family or friends over an aperitif or a good board game. 

But to feel good and to have the desire to spend our days, a cozy and warm atmosphere must be at the rendezvous. For this, there is nothing better than table lamps. To choose the table lamps for your living room, here are some tips and tricks from the giant online décor store,

#1: The golden rule: think harmony

Although the current trend advocates the “mix and match” we all know that a perfectly decorated interior is an interior where each element has its place in perfect harmony with the rest of the decoration. Whether it’s color, texture, size, shape, everything has to be coherent. When choosing your table lamp, you must think of all your interior decoration. Indeed, even if the lamps you choose are in agreement with each other, they will have no aesthetic value if the rest of the decoration is in total contradiction.

#2: Pay special attention to color

If there is one thing you need to know about decorating, this is it: colors do not have the habit of associating with everything going in the same room. In deco, as for the choice of your table lamp, this rule prevails. 

You should also know that the color of your walls is very important. It will also take into account when choosing your table lamp. If you have colored walls, a good way to choose the color of your future lamp is to hang a wall chart and choose a color from it. On the other hand, if you have white walls, there you will have more choices. You can choose a bedside lamp bright color to bring a certain contrast without your lamp denotes totally the look of your stay.

#3: Do not go wrong on the size

Although today, the table lamp comes in different sizes, you must keep in mind that in terms of decoration everything is a question of balance. Thus, for a good dosage, you must consider the size of your room, but also that of your table. On an imposing piece of furniture, better a rather massive lamp. However, it is not advisable to associate a large lamp with a small table.

#4: The location of your lamp: a detail not to be neglected

In interior design, it is often the small details that bring the effect “Wow”. To create this effect in your living room, you must carefully choose where you put your table lamp. Because yes, your lamp may be fantastic, if it is misplaced, it will have no value. So, whether you choose to put your lamp on a table, a desk, a console, or on a pedestal table, do not forget that it must perfectly fulfill its role of lighting without fear of being knocked over. The ideal is to place your table lamp against a wall. If not, make sure your lights do not obstruct the line of sight between the seats unless you want to wring your neck every time you talk to your guests.

#5: Bulbs for each type of atmosphere

Now that your lamps are well placed, it remains only to choose the bulbs that will bring the final result. For a warm atmosphere, we advise you to choose a LED bulb rather than fluorescent bulbs that can sometimes provide a cold light and unflattering.