Lembang will never run out of stock of instagramable tourist attractions. The town in West Java, which is mostly in the shape of highlands, regularly presents unique and gorgeous tourist spots. But now a new tour in Lembang has one more, Orchid Forest in Creole.

As its name suggests, this place is a garden intended for breeding and captivity orchids (orchid flowers). The location of Orchid Forest is indeed not one hundred percent complete, because it is still in the stage of growth and development, so if you are interested in finding orchid flowers it isn’t so much. But in the future, Orchid Forest Cikole is going to be made in the largest orchid forest in Asia.

Along with presenting the natural beauty of a towering pine forest, the Orchid Forest Nicole location also features an assortment of photo spots that aren’t exhausted. No wonder many travelers enter Orchid Forest Cikole as a must-visit tourist destination in Lembang, particularly for those who don’t want to miss strikes or tendencies. Then what would be the picture spots on Orchid Forest Cikole? The after is the description:

Sky Bridge

This place is an icon of Orchid Forest Nicole Which is a shrub bridge linking one pine tree into another. Because of timber and woven rope, this spot is quite beautiful to use as a selfie. Additionally, if at night it will shine white.

Open Stage

The next photo area in Orchid Nicole is an Open stage / natural stage. The concept resembles the real point from the Mangunan Pine Forest. But a neater arrangement makes it no less beautiful.

Tree House

Not to forget also the mainstream photograph spots in the design of pine woods, namely tree houses. Even though it sounds normal, the backyard arrangement under the shrub using geometrically shaped grass makes this place very Instagramable.

Besides beautiful photo places, at The Orchid Forest Nicole Lembang location there are also quite complete facilities which range from Camping earth, outbound arenas such as Flying Fox, downhill tracks, and Cafe. No wonder if the price of admission to Orchid Forest Cikole is quite expensive. Then just how much money do we have to invest to enjoy the scene in Lembang’s new tour? Here are the facts:

Entrance Ticket Costs Orchid Forest Nicole Lembang

To put in and enjoy the beauty of Orchid Forest Cole, visitors must pay an entry ticket of IDR30,000 /person. While individuals who bring DSLR cameras have to pay more, namely IDR50,000. Orchid Forest ticket prices are indeed quite pricey, especially in the event that you want to take pictures or take pleasure in the game play, people need to pay a ticket for IDR 15,000.

Location Address of Orchid Forest Cikole

The place is not far in the Cikole Graphic that is quite famous as Glamping. The route to Orchid Forest is also very easy to find. If we proceed to Tangkuban Perahu tour, it will automatically pass the Entrance with the signpost sign visible on the side of the road.

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