There are many factors that will affect the price of an engagement ring but this jewelry does not have to force to give up three months of your salary. It is just a matter of getting the best deal on an engagement ring. Here’s how:

Pay Attention to the Cut

When you visit a jewelry store, the jeweler may talk about the cut, clarity, color, and carat which might be overwhelming for you. You don’t have to focus on all of these elements; rather, make the cut of the diamond a priority.  The cut is where most of the sparkle of the ring comes from. A diamond that has a very good cut rating provides the best value for anyone who is looking for a bargain.

Purchase a Unique Size

When it comes to diamond size, you don’t really have to follow the norm.  Buying a diamond that is smaller than the norm will let you save up to 20% of the total cost. When you visit a jewelry shop, ask to see a one-carat ring and a .95 carat ring. The small difference won’t be noticeable but choosing the latter option lets you save. Check out Myel design to learn more about diamond size.

Go for a Halo Setting

A halo setting will leave an illusion of the bigger-looking diamond. In this setting, there are some smaller accent stones surrounding the center stone. This setting makes the center diamond appear as much as half carat larger. With this, you can make a half-carat diamond look like a one-carat diamond, helping you save at least $2000.

Consider a Simple Prong Setting

In terms of diamonds, you have to pay attention to both the cost of the diamond and the cost of the setting. Remember that all those precious metals also add up. If you want to reduce the weight of the metal, choose a simple prong setting. This option is timeless and affordable.

Tweak a Second-Hand Ring

Shop around for a second-hand engagement ring that has a pretty stone in an ugly setting. You can ask a jeweler to remove the diamond and put it in a new setting. This will let you save money on the diamond. The money you save can be used for designing the best ring.

Buy Online

Jewelers that sell pieces online have less overhead so they can charge less. Reputable jewelers provide a hassle-free jewelry shopping experience and a money-back guarantee. To get the best savings, choose a jeweler that is not associated with a big brick-and-mortar brand since their prices might be just the same online.