It is essential to keep in mind that your wardrobe should always be up to date with the highly dynamic lifestyle and needs. And let’s admit it, we are all coping with the issues of dressing twice on a daily basis anyway, 365 days a year. So, why not make this task an easy and pleasurable one. Follow these tips by Ovidis to make wearing the adaptive clothing much more fun.

  1. Fabric content

Get rid of that iron. Now as our demands are on the rise every day, no one has the time or energy or money to spend their money on ironing and dry cleaning. Select those fabrics that can be washed often and puts no effect on the clothing at all. These fabrics must also resist all the shrinkage on daily basis washing like the polyester or a combination of the same material. When it comes to selecting a cotton garment, ensure that it is 50 percent polyester of 50 percent cotton or 65 percent polyester or 35 percent cotton blend. The garment will not need any kind of ironing and will also have a low shrinkage factor. The clothing should also contain less than a 30 percent rayon, silk, linen or wool content.

  1. Arthritic dressing

Why strive with your clothing when there are so many pain free solutions available. Go for Velcro on the pants, blouses and skirts. You can also go for the long front zip fastenings assisted with the lowered hand dexterity, meaning the zip front dresses. Select clothing that comes with larger openings and lets the person to easily don the garment over their head while they are sitting or effortlessly step themselves into the outfit opening with minimal struggle.

  1. Fabric elasticity

Fabric that is easily expandable and stretches for making the dressing easier and yet manages to retain its shape is probably the best feature ever. The elasticity of a fabric is ascertained by both the weave as well as the blend of the material. It is essential to choose the fabrics that are woven into an interlock or a knit. 100 percent acrylic and polyester don’t only render the fabric elastic, but it eliminates the amount of permanent shrinkage after the first wash.

  1. Styling

Front openings from the waist below that let the person to stay seated while sliding the dress over their head or step into one with ease. No-waist dresses with detachable belts lets it to be placed where the person finds it the most comfortable or maybe not at all. Loose fitting dress with lets the freedom of movement.