School time is over and finally; you are done with the school dress code. This is college time where you want to stand out in the crowd as a stylish hunk and leave your unique style statement. Of course, a fresh start requires a new wardrobe with a stylish collection of mens casual wear which is not only trendy but also complements your personality, in fact, enhance it like the outfit designed for your physique only. This is the high time that you should plan your outfit for the first day of college like a runway fashion model, the one perfect attire that can make you feel confident while steeping inside your class.

Nobody is born with a natural instinct for fashion but that doesn’t mean you can’t look sharp on both high-class meeting and casual occasions. When it comes to college, your classmate especially the most popular girl of the college will definitely judge you on your styling sense. That’s exactly what this post intends to address which help you put together a versatile cool, effortless as well as super stylish casual wear, that will help you totally kick ass in your first day of college.



For mens, shirt creates a purpose besides sticking a formal appearance. The purpose is to create a confident image of yours without putting the much-needed comfort at stake. You will never go wrong when it comes to picking the right shirt with a cool pattern and designs. If you want to keep your look a little casual for the day, undo a few top buttons, roll and cuff up the sleeves and create more relaxed yet gentle attire. Bottom-up shirts with solid colors are a good piece to fall back on.


Jeans that too classic are crowd favorite. They go well in the college cool environment and lay a strong foundation for any casual look. Jeans do wonders for getting that perfect macho look, and this is true for both men and women. If you have not gotten a solid pair, its time to buy that perfect pair of mens jeans online to make a world of difference. Buy the one that fits your waist size comfortably and is neither baggy nor skin-tight. Moreover, it lasts longer than any other apparel which means you do get the right value for money.


Everyone will appreciate by complementing you as a fashion forward personality in the college when you have a classic pair of chinos ready in your wardrobe. With a plethora of options available in fashion clothing for men online, you will find exciting shades and prints in modern varieties. Today, chinos are fashion favorites and preferred for its cool fit-in look. Definitely, have it for your college time it can take you from edgy to smart. Remember chinos are one essential in mens casual attire which never gets out of trend.

Just because you don’t have the flare of fashion, doesn’t mean that you can’t make it out. The world is filled with people who will judge you by your physical appearance especially what you wear for the day. Having a right understanding of what’s ‘in’ and what will look good on your personality, shopping and styling really become easy.