If we talk about Venice mask, the first thing clicks in our mind is what are Venice mask? Where they came from? And where we wear it? Venice mask is well known for Venice’s Carnival. Venice is a city of Italy, and this carnival considers as the biggest festival in Italy. People of Italy usually wear these mask at the time of Carnival, but long time back these masks were openly worn by the people of Venice to hide their faces. Hiding their faces by Venice mask help that city to eliminate discrimination of lower class and higher class. Everyone was treated equally, and this marks works as an identity and status hider. It also helps to break stereotyping, judging a man and a woman relation. As there are many advantages of Venice mask it works as a discrimination eliminator. But on the other hand the biggest disadvantage of this mask the people who are involved in criminal activity use these mask as hiding weapon. 

Venice masks in a long time back:

Venice was considered as a tourist spot, and many tourists are attracted to this trend. With the passing time outsiders and insiders both started taking advantage of this mask and get involved in criminal activities of gambling, sexual harassment, and other illegal activities. Then in 18th century the new rule was to introduce by government not to wear Venice mask on daily basis. And they were not allowed to wear Venetian Masks in three months if Venice carnival. 

How these masks look so attractive:

Venice masks are designed in such a way that they attract most of the eyes. These masks are usually made up of plastic, leather, or have the combination of different crystal and glass cutting pearls. They are properly designed by professionals who are expert in the field of Venice mask. So if Venice carnival is near and you are ready to break the tradition of those old design of Venetian Masks make sure to look for trendy Venetian Masks.